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Enterprise culture
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The enterprise culture

Create beautiful homes, let the environment a better place around 1552967815580080068 PNG

We are a focus on environmental protection and construction, and committed to the enterprises of public utilities, was determined to create beautiful homes, let everyone around us can lead a healthy, happy, happy life. Our enterprise and employee agree that this vision, and are willing to in order to achieve the common goal unceasingly diligently struggle.

1552967795335037786. PNG we do not seek to maximize profits, will only get reasonable profits, to support the us to become a high-tech enterprise continue to create value for society and individuals

We deeply realize that we all of the enterprise is not only shareholders, but also our staff's home, the upstream and downstream partners, and we are in society

A member of the; As a result, our enterprise decision-making direction is not the profit maximization, but the use of our leading technology advantage, in full consideration to the needs of interested parties

On the basis of continue to create value for society and individuals.

The core values

1, customer: sincere sincere, to create value;

We always adhere to the sincere sincere to treat our customers, always adhere to provide customers with the best quality environmental protection solutions, we create value for customers.

2, staff: caring staff, promote growth;

As a technology-intensive enterprise, employees is our core competitiveness, our first productivity; Care for our employees, and let our employees feel the warmth of home general, at the same time, efforts to promote the growth and development of employees.

3, professional, solid and reliable, stable and efficient;

Professional is the foundation, is our company to each employee in each position of the basic requirements; We ask employees to do each job, make every scheme, every service provided by the solid and reliable, stable and efficient, to help customers to solve the problem.

4, philosophy: the pursuit of excellence, continuous innovation.

Our pursuit of perfection, the pursuit of excellence, do not accept "almost", "rough it" the ways of doing things, to make everything the best; We study with great concentration, innovation, trying to improve their technical ability and the comprehensive strength, to do the competitors can't do, competitors can not provide service, efforts to become the most outstanding domestic and international enterprises.